Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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I spent a good long time discussing my attitudes with Bubba and the
Ratz tonight.

It is in our mutual interests for us to go our seperate ways.

Therefore, I bid a fond farewell to Bubba and the Ratz.

May they rest in peace!

Curt West

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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

I updated the Bubba and The Ratz website today. I added a message board, even though I don't care much for Bravenet. What could I do, it's the company ZDNet uses for it's Web Gems.

I also sent an email to Joe Hayes over at Media3.net, getting on his ass about hosting spam service sites. We'll see what hapeens with that.

Thank God Mary and I both get paid tomorrow! It's getting pretty thin around here as far as cigarettes and food! (The kids need food. All I need is beers and cigarettes!)

I've got practice tonight with Terry and Bob Murphy. We've got 2 Quick Decision gigs this weekend and, evidently, Bob wants to learn some new material fast. Fair enough, but, I don't know how much longer I'm going to stick around. Performing in tuxes and suits just isn't my style. I don't mind looking good, but, dress jeans and a decent shirt are about as far as I care to dress up on stage. I prefer the good old jeans and a t-shirt routine. Of course, whatever makes a buck!


Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Another one of my pet projects is to battle the scourge of the Internet. spam. No that's not a typo. Hormel doesn't mind us using their product name for this purpose, as long as it's used in all small letters.

I've set up a web site to help educate the public about the evils of s[pam, what you can do to protect yourself, fight back and I've also included some links to other really useful sites.

You can visit this site at beers66.tripod.com.
Ok! It seems to work. Now I have to come up with stuff to post and relearn HTML!

Eventually I'll figure out how to post links and such. In the meantime, I'll just have to type them addresses out.

Right now I'm fairly active on alt.religion.scientology as a critic of the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology is, in reality, a thinly veiled cult. The core belief of Scientology is that, in short, our bodies are infested with space cooties and we should pay the Church of Scamology hundreds of thousands of dollars to rid ourselves of the space cooties and attian some kind of "sooper powerz".

For more information, visit Operation Clambake at www.xenu.net.
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If you want a bit of my daily activities, just look here. This blog will be linked to from my sites Curt West's Band Pages, Curt West - Bassist At Large, Curt's Anti Scientology Site and Curt West's Anti-Spam Site.

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